Welcome to Sophela – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Master Area Partner!

Sophela is HPE Master Area Partner in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Registered in all three countries, Sophela is comprised of:

  • Sophela UAB based in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • ТОВ СОФЕЛА based in Kiev, Ukraine
  • ООО СОФЕЛА based in Minsk, Belarus

All Sophela entities are 100% subsidiaries of ALSO Group which is Europe's third largest broad line information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications (ICT) distributor offering services at all levels of the ICT value chain.

In 2018’s second quarter, ALSO Group has been contracted by HPE to run its sales and services business in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine starting November 1, 2018. The contract was offered to ALSO due to the long-standing, trusted relationship. Accordingly, the company name ‘Sophela’ contains all letters of ‘ALSO’ and ‘HPE’.

Shortly after successful incorporation in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, Sophela has been equally effective in convincing a great majority of country HPE teams to continue their excellent work with Sophela. Sophela will hence be able to guarantee its partners high level of service quality. Given its ALSO distribution background Sophela is additionally very close to partners’ perspective and needs. Sophela much looks forward to delivering HPE experience in combination with ALSO’s drive for fast action.